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Need more info on local Jet Sking?
Below are summaries of local and distant Jet Ski areas.
MISSION BAY, SKI BEACH: Ski Beach is a popular choice for many Jet Ski Renters. The beach offers
everything a jet skier could want. It has a large sand beach to park a Waverunner, fire pits, bathrooms, barbeques,
cabanas, and a launch ramp right in the parking lot. Bring the family and rent a Waverunner on Ski Beach and you will
not be disappointed. NOTE: make sure to adhere to all parking signs as the city will issue a citation for illegal parking.
Make sure to add extra time into your day if you plan on visiting Ski Beach. Traffic can build up in Pacific Beach during
the summer.

MISSION BAY, DE ANZA COVE: De Anza Cove is located in the north east corner of Mission Bay. De Anza
cove is a great place to gather the family and have a day on the bay with a Waverunner. Located next to the 5 freeway,
De Anza Cove is easy to get to and rarely ever has traffic issues. De Anza Cove has fire pits on the water. Have an
afternoon or evening bonfire on the same beach your Waverunner or Jet Ski is parked. Renting a Jet Ski and using it in
De Anza Cove is a great choice. It has all the amenitites of a park and a lake combined together.

SAN DIEGO BAY, SUMMARY: Renting a Jet Ski in San Diego Harbor can be a great experience but it has
limitations. The San Diego Bay tends to be very busy so it makes for a bumpy ride at times. It also has very few beaches
to set up camp.  We recommend this option for our explorer-type renters. It offers considerably more sights to see but
the waters can become rough and there are only a few places to park the Jet Ski or Waverunner. We recommend an
early AM weekday rental to really enjoy what San Diego Harbor has to offer. These are the best times to see the bay on
a Jet Ski. Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm.

SAN DIEGO BAY, SIGHT SEEING: San Diego Harbor is home to many interesting attractions. San Diego
Harbor is home to the US Navy. Touring the bay on a Waverunner or Jet Ski will get you up close and personal with San
Diego's Naval fleet, Air force and Submarine Unit. It's not uncommon to see fighter jets fly overhead or observe the Navy
seal team working with their service dolphins. Take an hour to check out the million dollar yachts in Shelter Island and
Harbor island. In addition to local yachts, you may see boats and ships from around the world. Moving south, the next
point of interest is the USS Midway. On a Jet Ski or Waverunner you can drive right up and get a closer look at the ship.  
One stop to the south is Sea Port Village. Tie up the Waverunners and take a walk around this unique cluster of shops
and restaurants. Moving to the west you can visit the famous Coronado island and the Hotel Del Coronado. Stop off in
Glorietta Bay and see the sights. There are a few cozy beaches to park the Waverunners and take a break. Heading
into the South Bay you'll pass underneath the massive Coronado Bridge. The San Diego South Bay is home to the navy
ship yards. Many new and up-and-coming combat ships are built and maintained here. Moving further south, you'll find
the Coronado Cays. The Cays are home to a unique on-the-water housing community. Each home has a dock attached
to the rear of the house. Lastly, there are a few large beaches to explore and hang out on.

                 We recommend the following lakes

                  Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Lake Martinez.

LAKE MARTINEZ is the last lake in the Colorado river system. Lake Martinez offers San Diego residents a great
opportunity to enjoy the Colorado River before it enters into Mexico. Lake Martinez is located roughly 160 miles from
San Diego. Lake Martinez rewards Jet Ski riders and Waverunner renters with hundreds of inlets coves and shallow
areas that are only accessible  by Jet Ski. Some of the deep fingers have an entrance that is less than 5 feet wide. Once
inside the channel it can open up to a large pond of continue on for hundreds, if not thousands of feet. Lake Martinez is
really a Jet Ski renters paradise. The lake has both an active river and lake all in one. Lake Martinez offers visitors san
bars, open areas and narrow channels. Because the lake narrows in many areas it large sand bars that offer jet skiers a
great place to set up camp for the day.

LAKE POWELL is a Waverunner and Jet Skiers dream.  Lake Powell is about 150 miles long and offers some of
the best weather and recreational jet ski riding any where near the west coast. Lake Powell is notorious for its long
fingers that reach deep into the desert landscape. The soil is rich in iron and makes for a beautiful backdrop as you ride
in the desert sun. Waverunners, Seadoos and Jet Skis offer a unique opportunity to travel down deep canyons and
shallow water. If you have never been to Lake Powell, it is a must see. It's unlike any other lake in the area and attracts
people for thousands of miles.

LAKE MEAD is located just outside of Las Vegas. In fact lake Mead provides most of the water that the city  
requires. Lake Mead is similar to Lake Powell because they are both located in the heart of desert. Lake Mead offers Jet
Skis and Waverunners a great opportunity to open the throttle and explore the hundreds of miles of shoreline. Lake
Mead offers renters an opportunity to get away from city life and spend a few days on a house boat. On the other hand,
Jet Ski renters can also stay in Las Vegas for a day or two while they visit the lake. Lake Mead is an all around great
lake to visit.

LAKE HAVASU is a great place for residents of Orange County and Los Angeles county to visit. Lake Havasu is
located directly to the west of Los Angeles and northwest of Orange County. Lake Havasu is a great place to use a
rented Waverunner or Jet Ski. Lake Havasu is known as the party lake. People from all over the state crowd the sand
bars and beach with boats, Jet Skis and Waverunners. It can be quite an interesting experience to see the lengths to
which people go to have a good time. Lake Havasu offers a couple of cool features that are great for a Waverunner or
Jet Skis. The river to the north of the lake offers many hidden coves that can only be accessed by Jet Ski or Seadoo.
The reeds build up and cover up hidden sections of the lake. With a Jet Ski or Waverunner, you can navigate the
narrow channels to reach private ponds and beaches.

LAKE MOHAVE is an interesting place for all boaters and jet ski riders. The waters are aqua marine and filled
with interesting sights to take in. Lake Mohave has two main points of interest for Waverunner enthusiasts. Cottonwood
Cove and Lake Mohave Resort both offer over night accommodations for customers who enjoy an ice cold air
conditioner and made bed. House boats and jet skis can be rented and used at Lake Mohave.  

           Gather the: kids, friends, dogs and make some memories

Spending time with the ones you love is wonderful when it includes the waters of the San Diego. No matter what kind of
water fun you would like to have, Jet Ski and Waverunner rentals will play a huge role in helping to have the greatest
time. The kind of experience you want from Jet Skiing will determine the type of watercraft you rent. Imagine the romantic
excursion for two, cruising through Mission Bay on a Jet Ski. You might also consider the Waverunner rental for the time
you would like to spend on water with your kids. Making time to spend with your kids is vital to your great relationship
with them. One way to help you do this is by renting a few Jet Skis for them and their friends. These small and easy to
drive watercraft are perfect for taking the kids around the bay. You might also consider the small towable tube for
helping to enhance your Waverunner trip as well. Check out the rentals available for Waverunners by going online when
you start making plans for summer fun.There is nothing like pushing a Jet Ski or Seadoo to the limit to see what it is
capable of.

If you are in to the rush that only comes from going fast, the rental of a waverunner is the choice you should check
into. Indeed, the ride you can have on a Jet Ski is nothing like you could imagine until you have been there. Take the
time to see about the San Diego Waverunner rentals for an exciting day out on the bay riding a Jet Ski.

Planning your trip to San Diego can start with checking out the Jet Ski boat rentals available. Planning ahead can be
done easily by going online. Many awesome activities are waiting for you and your family on the bay!
-160 Horsepower -3 Passenger -4 Stroke Power -No Oil Mixing -Tow Capable -Reverse -Digital Gauges
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The FX160 is very reliable and has a sturdy feel. The large hull provides a comfortable ride in rough water or
long distance journeys. Think BMW Touring Motorcycle.
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